Compulsive behavior with short term benefits and long term destruction.”  Most often when people hear addiction they think of drugs; alcohol is also a drug.  There are many kinds of addictions but few are as damaging as drug/alcohol addiction. Do you think you might have a problem?  If Alcohol or drugs are causing problems in your life, there is a good chance that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs.  


Genesis House, Inc. gives special consideration to the following high risk treatment populations:



Seeing the Need

Genesis House, Inc. was established in May 1985.  Genesis House, Inc. provides substance abuse counseling services to both male and female adults, and adolescents.  The main focus of the substance abuse program is on creating and developing acceptance and awareness of the disease process, role fulfillment, expansion and use of support services, and cognitive behavioral change to support sobriety.  Since its inception, Genesis House, Inc. has endeavored to shape its treatment programming to meet the ever changing needs of its treatment population.  It has expanded its services to include sexual abuse/domestic violence, HIV/AIDS wellness, men and women’s groups dealing with specific gender oriented issues, anger management, and specific adolescent programming. Genesis House, Inc. has added a Suboxone Group to assist the community in more effectively dealing with the increasing opioid dependent treatment population.   Most recently, the clinical staff of Genesis House, Inc. have expanded their knowledge of co-occurring disorders, and improved their abilities to treat this increasing referral population, by securing the Co-Occurring Disorder Professional (CCDP) certification.  Genesis House, Inc. continues to offer both outpatient and intensive outpatient programming and it continues to maintain an excellent treatment reputation in the community.  

Currently, Genesis House, Inc. provides services to the following agencies: several  counties throughout Pennsylvania, various employee assistance programs, local school districts, local colleges, private insurance companies, Lycoming County Drug Court Program, Lycoming County DUI Court Program, Pennsylvania State Parole, Adult and Juvenile Probation, Lycoming/Clinton County Children and Youth, Ashler Manor, and the local district justices.


Philosophy of Treatment

Addiction is viewed as a progressive disease that can negatively affect the inflicted individual in all domains of his/her functioning.  A person suffering from substance abuse has a negative effect on all those systems in which he/she interacts.  The treatment philosophy of Genesis House, Inc. directs therapeutic intervention within a systems perspective and subsequently addresses the functioning of the individual in the context of the larger systems within which they function.  


Primary Treatment Goals

  1. To improve the client’s awareness of the disease process of addiction,
  2. To improve the client’s acceptance of their particular addiction problem,
  3. To foster the appropriate cognitive/behavioral changes necessary to improve the client’s control over his/her addiction and thus improve overall functioning,
  4. To use the client’s strengths and available outside resources to foster long-term success in recovery.  

Addressed are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the client in the context of his/her functioning limitations.  Genesis House, Inc. primarily uses a cognitive\behavioral approach to treatment rooted in a 12-step recovery philosophy.



Genesis House demonstrates adherence to all Federal and State confidentiality laws and regulations with regards to client identity, records, and staff accesses to records.  Confidentiality of client identity and records is maintained for every client and client record.  Policies and procedures developed by Genesis House are developed in such a manner as to protect the agency and affiliated organizations from liability, protect personnel from liability, and protect the client from the possibility of exposure and stigma.


The History of Genesis House, Inc.

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