Position: Counselor


Christa Marie McLaughlin grew up in suburbs outside of Philadelphia.  She is a Counselor at the Elizabethville Office. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Penn State University in 1998 and also completed a 3 year clinical Family based Mental Health Training Program in 2011. Christa, has over 10 years’ experience in conducting therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions. She displays sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic needs of the clients and families she serves. Christa has guided clients in effective therapeutic exercises integrated from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and implementation of Combined Parent-Child Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is trained in substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and the effect of employment and housing issues on mental health. The last 10 years and more of Christa’s professional career she has been dedicated to implementing, a community based initiative designed to prevent hospitalization and/or out-of-home placement of a child or adolescent with severe emotional disturbances.   She continues to be passionate about improving the developmental outcomes of young children living in multi-stressed families compromised by substance abuse and mental illness. Christa is happily married and a proud mother of several children.  We are also an active member of The Rock Church in Harrisburg, PA, where our family continues to do God’s work in the community.