Position: Billing Manager


Kaitlyn Elliott is the Billing Manager for Genesis House, Inc. Kaitlyn has been in the field of insurance claims since 2007 and has experience working with people in recovery and their family members since 2001. Kaitlyn is a graduate of Lower Dauphin High School where she excelled in athletics. Throughout her career she has devoted herself to supporting the mission and vision of the company,  inspiring growth,  and facilitating change though social justice. She supports all pathways to recovery, all lives matter, the ; movement to affirm solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues, and LGBTQ rights. Outside of the office she enjoys watching and playing sports, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, riding her motorcycle and spending time with her family. Kaitlyn is happily married and she and her wife are mothers of two furry children, Bear (Pomeranian) and their spoiled cat.